Marta, Portugal -> Itália, Intercâmbio

A Marta é da Vila Nova de Famalicão – Portugal e realizou intercâmbio em Orvieto em Itália. Esta é a partilha da sua experiência!

martaI came to Orvieto waiting to learn about living in a sustainable way, in community, in nature… To get to know new people from other life contexts and to have more knowledge and tools to work in social education.

The people I met her was wonderful. Since the organizers until the participants. Everybody was open minded, full of experiences and with a big capacity to catch the needs of the group.

The most funny moment  for me was when Portuguese group had to represent a scene about the traditional fish markets in Portugal.

I learnt that I feel better living in nature and community. Is where I find myself in peace.

I would love to do the exchange again, or some other workshop, in the same place, with the same group. (at least the organizers)

Marta Carvalho


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