Adriana, Portugal -> Itália, Intercâmbios

A Adriana é da Guarda – Portugal e realizou intercâmbio em Orvieto em Itália. Esta é a partilha da sua experiência!

adrianaMy name is Adriana Conde and I am 22 years old.

When I first signed up for this exchange it was because the name really captivated me, and was a really inspirational theme. After that and after reading the program of the activities I was even more excited to have the possibility to be part of it.

The exchange was simply amazing, the people I knew there are people that I will certainly never forget, the stories shared, the companionship that we create there was something cherished and helped made my life less difficult.

There are moments that I will never forget, the laughs, hugs and smiles, the support, the brotherhood created there will surely make me want to repeat this kind of exchanges lots of times and to be honest it doesn’t matter where they may take place, what really matters it’s that everyone who does this kind of exchanges has the spirit of sharing and of giving a little bit of themselves to others and that is what is really important, not the place but the people. I honestly have to say that I was really lucky to have such good and fantastic people with me who I already miss a lot.

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